Don’t look

This is very important – don’t let him know you can see him.  They flicker at the edges, shining lamps in the stygian depths to see what they attract.  No matter what you see him do, no matter who he does it to, stare straight ahead as though nothing is happening.  You are mostly safe, if he thinks he hasn’t caught your attention.  Mostly.


One Response to “Don’t look”


  1. Hacks v. Professionals: Are Genre Writers Today Better than Writers in the Past? « Writing Dark - October 1, 2011

    […] Mymatejoechip commented on one of my “story a week” posts in a thought-provoking fashion. He suggested, to save you jumping to the fishback, that times are different today, whippersnapper, and that maybe it’s best to let a piece of writing sit and settle before whizzing it out to unsuspecting editors. […]

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