Trevor dreaming

21 Oct

I have been quiet while I think of how to share an incident from my past.  Even saying this draws attention to my concerns, so that I fear it will be an anti-climax.  While I dwell on that, I thought I would share this scrap with you.  Quill scratches on ancient parchment, it is a remnant from my high school days.  I found it while moving some old chests around, after summoning the strength to investigate strange noises in my attic.  (After all, we do not have rats in Glossolalia.  It is the law.)  As I say, it is only a tiny scrap, and I do not know why I kept it, but it was scrawled in that familiar, horrible hand.  Here it is, untranslated:


The Scalpel


grows in the heart,

like a tumour.



heal thyself.


One Response to “Trevor dreaming”

  1. mymatejoechip October 21, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    I think we were forced to write love poems. Here is mine:

    I think I love you

    But what am I so afraid of?


    Drunk drivers.

    Faces at the window.

    Child abductors.


    Public speaking.

    Rectal bleeding.

    All the usual stuff.

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