Not Bill Gates

21 Aug

Well, yes, I do live in a fortified compound, here in Darfvale, but one has to, it is a little different to the situation in Dingleville.  And yes, I do have a personal computation device.  I suppose I don’t get outside enough and am a little pastier than I could be.  I’m not Steve Jobs, true.  And I must admit that I am seeking to eradicate a major world disease – several in fact, one germ at a time.  But despite those similarities, I am not Bill Gates.

It is one of the things that Trevor taunts me with: “Hello – oh yeah, thats right, you’re not Bill Gates”.  I think it is some sort of jibe about me not having as much money as Trevor.  I suppose he could also accuse me of not being Pablo Escobar, but that would miss the nerd subtext, and I’m sure Trevor thinks there is something chic about major narco-criminals.

I have this vision of Trevor collecting vast quantities of mosquito larvae from malarial areas, and taking great care to transport them safely over great distances to malaria free zones.  “Go on little fellers, you can do it” he says, waving them on, as they set off, flying hesitantly from the bracken pools he has selected for them, until they are caught by the evening breeze and blown along to infect a new generation of victims.  He’s not Bill Gates either.  He’s evil Trevor.

Speaking of Bill Gates and things computer, this is by way of advising that, for what it is worth (and it is worth very very little, believe me – you can believe me, I am not Trevor after all), mymatejoechip central has been set up here.  A portal, a porthole, a digest, a guide – the world has been calling out for it, after all.


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