Not Sparta

19 Aug

Reluctant though I am to introduce Hitler so early in our relationship – does it leave us anywhere else to go? – I think it does – it is important to truly indicate the order of magnitude of our discussions.

Hitler would bore his captive audience with tedious dissertations on whatever popped into his head, rants and rambles that would last hours, day after day.  Yes, Hitler was a blogger.  For example, he was capable of lecturing at length on details of soup prepared by the Spartans.

It occurred to me that I know nothing of the soup of the Spartans.  If Zack Snyder shared that information in 300, I had not noticed.  I recalled more of Lena Headey, than anything King Leonidas’s crew consumed.  (I didn’t even remember his name, I had to google that.  I always remember Lena Headey.  I don’t know if Hitler would.)  I was relieved.  This was a strong indication that I am unlike Hitler.  I will be able to enter that on the “plus” side, next time I do a management course.  (Where will that leave me on a Myers Brigg quadrant?)

Trevor, on the other hand …


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