Not Samuel Pepys

11 Aug

Trevor walks into a bar.  AND EVERYBODY KILLS HIM.

Kevin walks into a bar.  Everyone says “who is that wanker?”

I have watched the commentary on the London riots, the discussions of causes, the trotting out of pet causes and standard rebuttals.  I do not understand why no one has mentioned Trevor.  For surely these past nights, Trevor has been walking the streets of London (and Birmingham and Manchester), sowing discord, fuelling fires, just as surely as 70 years ago, his previous incarnation flew overhead, dropping bombs on those same streets, and 350 years ago, an earlier version slunk in the dark, spreading the black death before starting the Great Fire.  Read Defoe and Deighton, and you will recognise his shadow, his stain, his blight on history and humanity.

Trevor walks the streets of London, in oversized track pants and stolen trainers.  Someone should clip his ear and send him home to bed.


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